About us.

Company founder    

Zelda Gunzell (alias Rare Diamond) was born and raised in south London; she is the mother of five children and nine grandchildren. She is an author and has acquired skills in a number of professions, including: personal development, relationship counselling, public speaking, project management and programme designing. For the past 20 years she has used some of these skills to manage a variety of personal development projects and courses.


Our Business philosophy:

Our team is most concerned about the alarming and increasing desperate cry for guidance and knowledge relating to youths. As such we feel that all level headed members of society have a personal obligation to offer assistance. We recognise the desperate need for reform and the consequential turmoil our society is currently facing. We recognise that many parents have hardly any control over their children and that youths are crying out for support and guidance even though most don’t know it. As a consequence we encourage personal development and focus on assisting individuals to reform their lives. Be assured (TKGP) deeply respects the rights of our clients and their privacy, our members of staff are bounded by various contracts including our confidential agreement. These measures are in place to protect both mentors and mentees; if these are broken this can result in legal action against the member of staff in question.

We run singular, 6 and 12 week personal development workshops.

A simple and effective test has been developed so that you can see for yourself what you can achieve. Book a space today and start transforming your life.

Workshops available for all ages.


Our Mission:

Our mission is to assist participants to explore the benefits of the following subjects:

  • Fear, distress, self-destructive behaviour, violence and the perils of drug abuse.
  • Practical techniques to tackle issues and concerns.
  • Exploring culture and discuss personal opinions.
  • The importance of discovering and exploring natural talents and potential.
  • Effective communication skills.


Programme Aim:

Our aim is to motivate our attendees to empower themselves via knowledge and guidance. Our intention is to assist our clients to achieve their goals, employ effective interpersonal skills and become fruitful contributors within society.

Through knowledge gain power is a none profitable company.


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  • Roll play
  • Assessment games
  • Group studies and discussions
  • Video clips
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Poetry
  • Journey of life test
  • Target charts
  • Goal achievement exhibition board
  • Self elevation games
  • Word description games
  • Progress consultations
  • Homework
  • Achievement awards
  • Programme director