Intimate relationships.

 Source: abstract from- Rare Diamond’s Relationship and feeling manual.


What do you yearn for in a partner? 

Most people view the concept of relationships as a natural expectation and work toward that end. However, despite the probable investments how many bother to exercise caution or recognise the importance of astute investigations? After all you are likely to entrust a partner, with your inner-self, your inner secrets and your inner soul.  As a consequence most people are somewhat at their partner’s mercy so to speak because they disclose private information and unveil intimate personal details about themselves. Needless to say if one or both parties lack loyalty, maturity and/or respect, ultimately turbulence will be a feasible expectation. On the same token if mutual love, loyalty and trust permeates a relationship then the sky is the limit in terms of progress.


      Personal assessment

The dynamics of relationship is a complex process, can you mentally manage and support a productive relationship? Preferably before you decide to engage in an intimate relationship it is wise to do some soul searching first. Ask yourself:

  • Can my qualities support a good relationship and will I use them?
  • Am I an emotionally grounded person?
  • What personal challenges do I need to address?
  • How do I feel about negotiating?

The answer to these questions will have an impact on the quality of your relationship. Some individuals view the art of assessment as a perceived inconvenience and avoid or downplay the process, warning this is likely to formulate a rocky foundation thus creating a bumpy ride. In view of this, improve your prospects of engaging in a successful relationship. If you are not sure where to start, you can access advice and support via the internet, a relationship advisor, a counsellor or general advisory services, alternately you could speak with or receive advice from family members and or close friends.


    Accessing useful advice 

When seeking or dating a partner the evaluation process can be a daunting experience however, there is a wide range of tactics and suggestions accessible to address this subject matter. For example there has been much debate about the 90 day rule technique, which is a guide to observe and test the quality of a potential partner’s values. Some allude to the notion that this is a weak game which can be used to manipulate either or both parties to create a misguided perception, while others swear by its proficiency. Irrespectively some recommendations mentioned are undeniably useful while engaging in a relationship as you will find in most reputable relationship guide books.


    What are your relationship expectations? 

Most people like to envision a perfect relationship filled with love and dedication however this is unrealistic, we all have faults and weakness to contend with and we live in an imperfect world. This is not to say we cannot have a productive bond but what are the benchmarks? A productive bond is accomplished when your values and needs are coherent with your relationship and life style; with this in mind take the time out to document your expectations. Once you have established your needs, values and what you are looking for in your relationship, you can research options and tips to employ strategies that will help develop and accommodate your aspirations.

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The Power of Vision Passion and Motivation 


The Power of Vision Passion and Motivation 

Source: abstract from ‘Rare Diamond’s relationship and feelings manual’

Do You lack Passion and Motivation?


Many people envision an idea that seems inviting but then conclude that there are too many obstacles and therefore they cannot accomplish their vision or goal. Sound familiar? For example have you ever attended a event and the speaker comes to the questions and answer stage, you want to speak but you feel a little uncomfortable? I have been there many times in the past. What compels a person to answer despite their fears?

  • perhaps they had a pressing desire to share useful information

  • perhaps they had a pressing desire to make their presence known 

  • perhaps they needed to seek clarity

  • they might want to assist the speaker, ect.  

In other words they had a desire, passion or driving force that motivated them to overcome their obstacles and accomplish their goal. 

    You must have a vision to formulate a passion

                                                                You must have a passion to attain a goal

                                                                You must have a goal to grow motivation

I remember the days when my eyes were always stuck to my notes during workshop presentations. Those days were awful, my fears  caused havoc. In my case I am physically challenged and I am dyslexic with an unruly memory in areas but my motivation is strong. Why? because I have a vision and a pressing desire to offer support. I want to share information; I want to share important relationship tips acquired as a relationship advisor over the years. I want to assist those who employ hopeless problem solving techniques to achieve happiness and build self-esteem.

My passion to offer support is unyielding because I see too many examples of couples and singleton falling into the trap of following the systems examples of how we should view and conduct our relationships and our lives. As a result, my passion to support personal development motivated me to surpass my challenges. For instance, to address my unruly memory I found a plan B, intense practice. I decided to constantly practice my material several weeks in advance. This afforded me the ability to memorize my theme allowing me to maintain that important eye contact with my audience and therefore improve the quality of my delivery.

Personal goals

You must be motivated to appreciate your skills and talents

You must be motivated to embrace personal progress 

You must be motivated to seek good relationships 

My ability to be where I am today and conquer constant obstacles is fuelled by self-confidence, motivation, driven by a vision, a deep passion and a goal. Undoubtedly you must have an unyielding passion in order to attain the motivation required to achieve  goals because sometimes the road to success is rocky and carries a heavy load. If you want to be successful you must have goals, if you have goals they must feel intensely appealing; this will help you to create a vision. Once you have a vision you can make plans to physically materialize that vision. This will include having a thirst (passion), this will inspire you to build the drive (motivation) necessary to embrace a plan of action that will assist you to accomplish your goals. Yes indeed self-belief, a vision, passion and motivation are key players to achieve your goals in life. But! Be warned the responsibility lies with you to manage your thought process.  

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